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Personal Coaching

Let me show you some TLC in my one-on-one coaching programs for women who are ready to feel empowered, healthy and ready to take on the world.

Fearless Relationships

Ever feel like you’re fighting a war within your marriage or relationship? It’s time to co-create the space you need and the love and compassion you both crave.

Essential Oils

Find out more about using essential oils to create a balanced life, or to create a freedom-based business.

Peace Talks Academy™

Join my 8 week group program to learn the tools you need to Stop The War Within and create peace from the inside out.


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    • Hearing Karen describe the war within perfectly described everything that’s been going on inside of me. It’s been a battle between truth and lies, between feelings that I still, a year into therapy, cannot give a name to. Karen reads between the lines and sees the story behind the story. I feel like she genuinely understands and relates to where I’m at, supporting me on a level that feels safe. She doesn’t try to simplify what can’t be simplified. Instead, she’s given me the courage I need to move forward."

      —Emily W.

      Thanks to Karen's amazing clarity and insight, when I look in the mirror, I no longer feel shame or long to be invisible. I don’t have to hide in fear, believing that I’m damaged. I finally see the crazy-beautiful, creative woman I am—one who is greatly loved, and capable of great love."

      —Mitzi B.

      Karen has given me my freedom back. Through her coaching, I’ve finally been able to accept who I am and who I was made to be without feeling self-condemnation or guilt. The fact that Karen genuinely cares helped me to grow to the point that my inside now matches my outside. Karen has helped me to get rid of the masks I used to wear."

      —D. D.