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Here's How We Can Work Together.

Ceasefire Sessions

If you’ve realized that now is your time to stop the self-recrimination and start living life in the way you want to, this four-week coaching intensive is the high-voltage start you need to get things back on track.

Be Your Own Hero

This 12-week program is an opportunity to quell the self-doubt spiraling around inside your head so that you can choose better, believe in yourself more, and practice living without fear and regret.

Freedom Fighter

A 24-week, one-on-one coaching package that will start to revolutionize the way you handle the day to day—from your health, to your relationships, to your day job.

Fearless Relationships

Ever feel like you’re fighting a war within your marriage or relationship? It’s time to co-create a relationship that grants you the space you need and the love and compassion you both crave.